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Benefits Information for Producers and Performers

On receipt and approval of the necessary documentation (see When an Accident on Set Occurs) confirming that an insured Performer became injured while insured through the Accident on Set program (s)he will be eligible to apply for the benefits described in this section. See left side navigation for additional information.

  Who is eligible to receive Accident on Set  Benefits?
  • Performers working in jurisdictions within Canada, where workers' compensation coverage is mandatory, will be eligible for benefits through that province's workers' compensation board and are excluded from Accident on Set coverage (Except when work is through the CBC or NFB who are federally licensed and exempt from provincial workers' compensation requirements - see below).

    Provinces where workers' compensation coverage is mandatory include British Columbia, Québec and Newfoundland and Labrador.   
  • Signatories to ACTRA's Independent Production Agreement (IPA) may choose, when workers' compensation is not mandatory, to make application and provide benefits through the Accident on Set program.  The ACTRA steward assigned to the production or the production staff will be able to confirm the insurance protection being provided to performers.

    Regardless of the province in which the production is occurring, workers' compensation programs do not provide coverage unless performers are being paid.  Student productions or deferral productions, using performers under ACTRA/UBCP's jurisdiction, are required to provide performer protection and may apply for insurance coverage under the Accident on Set program.    
  • Under ACTRA's National Commercial Agreement (NCA), performers are protected through workers' compensation in those provinces where coverage is mandatory or alternatively through the Accident on Set program.  
  • Performers working under ACTRA's contracts with CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) or NFB (National Film Board) are automatically provided with Accident on Set benefits.

Special Note for Incorporated Performers:
When the Production does not have Accident on Set Benefits:
If you are incorporated, please check with your local ACTRA office or workers' compensation board to determine if you require individual workers' compensation coverage through your corporation or if you are protected through the production's workers' compensation coverage. 

  Are there any limitations on when benefits are payable?

Yes, the injury must be related to an accident while working on an insured production.  This includes those times when the producer requires the performer to be available, for example, for wardrobe, rehearsal or hair and make-up.  Further, direct travel from the performer's residence to the set location (or from their temporary residence when the performer is required to live outside their usual residence for all or part of the production) is also covered. 

Non-residents of Canada
Performers who do not normally reside in Canada are only covered for Accident on Set benefits while they are working in Canada.   Producers and performers should note that Canadian residents have access to universal health care which covers hospital and doctors' fees.  When travelling to Canada it is important that performers have Visitor to Canada medical protection to cover these expenses.  Basic hospital and doctor's fees are excluded from the Accident on Set benefits. Please ensure that the necessary protection is in place.

Canadian residents travelling outside their province of residence
When performers are travelling outside their province of residence for a production, whether to another province or another country, it is important to have emergency medical coverage in place.  While hospital and doctor's fees may be reimbursed up to the levels established by the performer's province of residence, some expenses (such as ambulance costs) may not be covered. Further, emergency medical coverage usually assists with repatriation or having family with you if an injury occurs. Please ensure that the necessary protection is in place.