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Performers - Questions & Answers

  What is Accident on Set  insurance?

The Accident on Set insurance program is available to Producers and Engagers, and is designed specifically to provide protection to all eligible ACTRA performers (including stunt performers and background performers) should an injury occur as a result of an accident while on set.

Under the IPA, each production's participation is voluntary and each production, where Accident on Set benefits are available, must make application and be accepted for coverage by AFBS. Accident on Set coverage is provided for all commercial productions, when workers' compensation is not mandatory. Accident on Set benefits are also provided on all CBC and NFB productions. In all cases, the production pays the full premium cost for the Accident on Set insurance program as part of its commitment to the ACTRA performer community.

The Accident on Set insurance program provides health, disability and accident coverage in the event that a performer becomes injured in an accident occurring on the set of an insured production. This includes the production's principal set location in Canada as well as second unit production locations worldwide, subject to the terms and conditions of the Policy and any legislation to the contrary in the jurisdiction where shooting occurs.


  Why was the Accident on Set  insurance program developed?

Actra Fraternal Benefit Society (AFBS) was motivated to develop a program that provided appropriate benefits should a performer, including a stunt performer or those performing a stunt, be injured while on set. While workers' compensation does provide coverage, it varies province-to-province (some mandatory, others voluntary) and often excludes stunt performers or those performing a stunt. The Accident on Set insurance program was developed to provide appropriate coverage for all performers, including stunt performers, in the event any performer is injured while on set.

The Accident on Set insurance program is considered by ACTRA to provide performer protection which is at least equivalent to workers' compensation. Basically, the Accident on Set program has been designed to provide both appropriate immediate and long-term financial support to the performer, as well as reimbursement for health expenses incurred as a direct result of an accident and which are not covered by the performer's provincial medical and hospital coverage.

  Who is the insurance company behind the Accident on Set  insurance program?

Actra Fraternal Benefit Society (AFBS) is the insurance company underwriting and administering the Accident on Set program. AFBS is a not-for-profit federally licensed insurance company and has provided insurance and retirement benefits to the ACTRA performer community for over thirty years. As a business entity, AFBS is completely separate from ACTRA. Representatives from both ACTRA and the Writers Guild of Canada, as well as engager representatives, including CMPA, participate on the Board of Governors of AFBS.

AFBS is regulated by the federal Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OFSI). The mandate of OSFI is to ensure that participants' financial security is maintained. Based on the solvency measures applied by OSFI, AFBS is rated as one of the strongest financial institutions of its kind in Canada.

  Level of Benefits

What level of Benefits does the Accident on Set  program provide if a performer is injured while on set?

Benefit payments are subject to the terms and conditions of the master policy. Details are available in the Benefits section.


  • Payable for up to 5 years from the date of the accident
  • Replaces 70% of total gross performer income over the previous 24 months
  • Maximum benefit $2,000/week


  • Up to $500,000 based on the Policy Schedule of Losses


  • $ 1,000,000


  • Up to an annual maximum of $25,000
  • Payable for up to10 years
  Performer Claims

How does a performer make a claim?

When any accident or incident occurs on an insured set, the injured performer must ensure that it is reported to the appropriate production staff member.

After every Accident/Incident Investigation Report is received at AFBS, our Benefit staff will contact the performer by mail. In cases indicating that a potential disability has resulted, AFBS staff will reach out to the performer and provide a Consent form to obtain and exchange medical information. Once the completed and signed Consent form has been received at AFBS, the Oncidium frontline nurse will contact the injured performer by telephone to complete a Triage report.

The performer will then be contacted directly by AFBS immediately following receipt of the triage nurse's report confirming that an injury has resulted from a covered accident. Entitlement to any eligible Accident on Set insurance program benefit payments is conditional on the performer releasing the Producer from any liability as a result of an injury while working on the insured production. The AFBS Accident on Set program administrator will provide the Release and Waiver form as well as any disability claim forms that may be required to assess the injury.