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Program Details

Whether through a legislated program, a voluntary insurance program or legal action, Producers and Engagers are often responsible for ensuring there is financial protection for a performer who is injured on set. The Accident on Set insurance program is designed specifically to provide protection to all performers (including stunt performers and background performers) should an injury occur as a result of an accident while on set. Click here for more information.

An eligible performer includes all performer categories defined within the ACTRA Agreements including:
• Members and apprentice members;
• Permittees when ACTRA has agreed to their engagement under an ACTRA contract through the issuance of an ACTRA work permit;
• Stunt performers, stunt coordinators and other stunt categories;
• Stand-ins, photo-doubles, special background performers and background performers; and
• Additional background performers engaged by the Production.

Any performer who is working on a contract other than an ACTRA contract is not eligible for benefits or to participate in this program.

  Industry Approved

This program has been designed by industry specialists and is underwritten by AFBS - the insurance provider for the Canadian film and television sector for more than 30 years. The Accident on Set insurance program has been approved by ACTRA and the ICA/ACA and is promoted by Producers and Engagers as the industry standard in Canada.


All performers (including stunt and additional background performers) are INCLUDED in this program.

  Claims Management

AFBS has been responsible for insuring performers in Canada for more than 30 years, and this program includes a comprehensive and effective medical support and rehabilitation process which sets the standard for the industry.